The List

Here are all the peeves we’ve posted, from past to present.

Hope you have as much fun filing through them as we’ve had complaining about them.

  1. The ridiculous amount of air at the top of a new bag of potato chips
  2. When the power goes out
  3. The fear of missing out
  4. People who don’t think before they speak
  5. Bowling alley animations
  6. Bad singers who think they’re good singers
  7. One-word text messages
  8. Ripping your pants
  9. Being in a bad mood for no reason
  10. Having to pee in the middle of a movie
  11. Stubbing your toe
  12. Pocket dialing
  13. Losing your wallet
  14. Allergies
  15. When you think someone is waving at you, but they’re actually waving at the person behind you
  16. Bending over and having no idea your butt crack is showing
  17. Cold toilet seats
  18. Warm toilet seats
  19. Forgetting what you were going to say right before you say it
  20. Terrible song lyrics
  21. Mosquitoes
  22. Hitting your funny bone
  23. “Because I said so”
  24. Unnecessary movie sequels
  25. When the bottom of your pants soak up rain water
  26. Having cold feet in bed
  27. Superstitions
  28. Waking up one minute before your alarm goes off
  29. Hold music
  30. Mascara goop in a girl’s eye
  31. Touching a hot plate right after your waiter tells you it’s hot
  32. Saying “you too” instead of “thank you”
  33. People who find it necessary to take up multiple parking spots
  34. When you pick up a slice of pizza and the cheese slides off
  35. Thinking of the perfect comeback right after the argument is over
  36. The Friend Zone
  37. Accidentally biting your lip over and over again
  38. Sneezing while driving
  39. People who say the crust is the best part
  40. Kicking yourself awake
  41. Thinking it’s Friday, but it’s really Thursday
  42. The loud shopping cart
  43. When it’s already Sunday
  44. Unspreadable butter
  45. Waking up with a pimple that wasn’t there yesterday
  46. Inside-out laundry
  47. Drinking orange juice right after you brush your teeth
  48. The sound your shoes make after you come in from the rain
  49. Taking the scenic route
  50. When the waiter asks if the other brand of soda is okay
  51. Walking through a spiderweb
  52. Ice sliding down your glass and hitting you in the face
  53. Slurping
  54. Getting an eyelash in your eye
  55. Slow walkers
  56. Waking up to construction work happening right outside your window
  57. Getting chair marks on the back of your legs
  58. Drivers who don’t use their turn signals
  59. Attempting to catch something you dropped by kicking it
  60. Accidental lid irrigation
  61. The claw crane game
  62. When someone flushes the toilet while you’re in the shower
  63. The goo on old Popsicles

And then there are the posts of the future…