Accidental lid irrigation

This peeve comes to you from my Seattle-dwelling friend Lauren, and the phrase was coined by her as well. It’s worth noting that Lauren has many pet peeves, but one of her biggest is accidental lid irrigation.

Surely, you’ve gone into your local gas station after putting the pump in your car, thirsty and ready for a fountain drink. And, on occasion, you’ve filled up your soda a tad too high. But this doesn’t bother you. (It’s more bang for you buck, after all.)

No, what bothers you – and Lauren – is that once you’ve put a lid over your cup and tried jabbing the straw through the proper hole. In an instant, your lid is flooded by the fluids from below. Every time it happens, it looks like it’s your first time prepping a fountain drink. Embarrassing, no?

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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