The Friend Zone

Oh, boy! Have we all been there, or have we all been there? Heck, some of us are still there. And even worse, some of us don’t know we’re there.

But you will. Soon, too, I’m sure. As of right now, though, you’re clueless. You keep giving relationship advice. You’re always hanging out, just the two of you, sharing giggle-worthy inside jokes. You grow closer and closer, becoming more and more intimate, waiting for the perfect moment.

And one day that moment will come. Or so you think. Little did you know, however, that the both of you share two different outlooks on your relationship. You’re the puppy-eyed romantic, forever waiting with a shoulder to cry on, a hand to lend, and an upturned ear. And they’re… well… not wanting anything extra from you. They say you two are “just friends.”

So your heart breaks. And now we’ve all been there. As they say, there are plenty of fish in the sea. So grab a rod, some bait, and follow us to the shore, far away from The Friend Zone.

Photo by Fischer Twins on Unsplash

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