Thinking of the perfect comeback right after the argument is over

Oh, it’s heated.

If it weren’t for you two going mano-a-mano, the room would be silent. The crowd’s conjunctive head goes back and forth as if this were the World Series of Table Tennis. Someone get a hold of Wilmer Valderrama. He might want to inform the crew of Yo Momma and get a new contract signed with MTV, ‘cause people are going to want to see this.

Witticism after witticism, you both appear to be invincible. But, someone has to fold, and it seems like that someone will be you. Your raging comeback machine is out of juice. You got nothin’ left. They’ve had the last word.

You walk away, defeated. But then it comes to you: The single greatest insult you’ve ever thought of! You turn around, the comeback on the edge of your lips, and you hang your head in shame. Everyone is gone, patting the victor on his back, congratulating him with $4 bottles of Andre champagne.

No one will ever know the full extent and greatness of your wit.

Photo by Sean Patrick Murphy on Unsplash

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